Contributions to the Total Good

Natural Language Processing, Word-Document Graph

Force-Directed Graph (Network) Visualization

Simple "bag of words" PCA on the US Presidential innaugural speeches. The word/token occurrence counts in each document are modeled as rubber bands (actually springs under compression). Counting the number of times each word is used in each speech gives you a high-dimensional vector with a natural distance metric between words. Distance between words can then be used to generate distance between documents using the force-directed graph in d3.js (or any other math or dynamics library). If a document shares a lot of words and uses them as frequently as another document, those documents will be close to one another. You can use this distance value to set the at-rest length of the rubber bands.

by Hobs

Reusable Plots

D3.js Line and Bar Charts

Takes lists of lists (e.g. table) and plots them 2 ways.

by Hobs

Finance Predictive Analytics

Stock Price Prediction + Trading Algorithm Backtester

Here are some of the fun things I learned at Tucker Balch's Computational Investing class on coursera. I'll share some event studies and trading algorithms as soon as I figure out how to share ipython notebooks within a Django app

by Hobs